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The ability to fly improved with each additional hour spent at the controls of the aircraft. Good, stable skills appear on the 500 hour flight and on. By law, the initial training can meet at least 42 hours of flight time, if you all went perfectly. With "zero" to "release". But some manage to fly on their own 9 hour training. Many at 15 o'clock.The flights are made on the Yak-52: the pilot and crew of 1 person - performed aerobatics 15-20 minutes, the average training takes 15 hours, which takes 3 hours, "bump" on their own, or by plane Yak-18T, where one pilot-passenger It sits to the right of the flight instructor, and can control the plane and two - behind him.
Flight time in different places is 3 to $ 7 (and sometimes 10) dollars per minute (on average $ 400 per hour depending on the aircraft, trainer, aerodrome, fuel type)

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